• At International Conferences

    Simultaneous Interpretation

    In 1991, Sudarshana Kapleau launched her own Japanese interpretation company specializing in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services in Canada, USA and Japan.

  • In Japan

    Consecutive Interpretation

    In 26 years of business, SJS has provided highly specialized interpretation services to dozens of American and more than 60 Japanese Fortune 500 companies.

  • In New York

    Working with Groups

    SJS works with both private and public sectors on such diverse projects as business and board meetings, conference calls, conventions, delegations, exhibitions, live and taped interviews, missions, negotiations, press conferences, site visits and special events.

A Brief Bio of Sudarshana Kapleau

Sudarshana Kapleau was born and raised in Japan.

Sudarshana Kapleau

Sudarshana Kapleau was born in Japan and raised bilingually. Since childhood, she has been immersed in Japanese culture and language while at the same time maintaining ties to North America, where her parents were born.

Sudarshana received a BA in Modern Japanese Studies from the University of Toronto. Before she embarked on a full-time career as an interpreter, she delivered English lessons on NHK Television in Tokyo. Because of her native understanding of Japanese and Western cultures, Sudarshana is in a unique position to capture the essence of communication and the subtleties of language in both Japanese and English.

Sudarshana currently maintains a busy travel itinerary, fulfilling numerous interpreting assignments throughout North America and Japan as well as in other countries. Sudarshana Japanese Services also maintains professional affiliations with a number of major institutions.

What Others Say About Us

We hire Sudarshana for simultaneous translation services for our top executives. She is quite simply the most excellent simultaneous translator I have ever worked with. In particular, she translates for our department at press events and during press interviews. These can be sensitive conversations as the results turn up in the newspaper, so the translation is not just about transferring words from Japanese to English. Nuances are extremely important as well and Sudarshana gets those perfectly. She has translated for two of our worldwide CEOs and a number of other Board members. I'm told by our executives that her spoken Japanese is 100% perfect, like a native speaker—which in a way she is having grown up in Japan. Likewise, her English is perfect as well. She is always our first choice for translator, even though she is based in Toronto and we have to fly her to various locations. I highly recommend her. PJS

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